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Our Mission

Our Mission

Japan Royal Service

Borderless medical options for everyone

in deciding with confidence

Dear patients and family members,

As medical technology has been remarkably advancing in recent years, a variety of strategies may be available for a single disease. That has also made patients and their family members more confused and delayed in making medical decisions.

Therefore, from a precise, cutting-edge Japanese perspective, when a group of doctors from Japanese hospitals could take responsibility for a second opinion and prepare a written response in the shortest possible time, we believe that we can increase the number of people who will never regret their decision, or that they should have acted sooner.

Second Opinions Japan supports you with more open, satisfactory, and transparent professional advice to deepen your understanding of your condition to further determine the most appropriate treatment. We are exclusively engaged with a substantial number of specialized doctors and hospitals in various fields throughout Japan so that we can select best advisor for you in a timely manner.

Our purpose for providing second opinion service is to alleviate your anxiety and make you confident in your own decision. Moreover, getting a second opinion can often result in avoided surgery or a less invasive treatment.

We are here to support you with an experienced health professional on your side—someone who understands what you are going through and helps you navigate the complex healthcare system. We would like you to focus on getting better!!

Looking forward to serving you.

Representative Director       Yasuharu Unno


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