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Early Detection
Saves Lives

Our purpose for providing second opinion service is to alleviate your anxiety and make you confident in your own decision.

Easier, Faster and Closer

Second Opinion for Everyone

Second Opinions Japan supports you with more open, satisfactory, and transparent professional advice to deepen your understanding of your condition to further determine the most appropriate treatment. We are exclusively engaged with a substantial number of specialized doctors and hospitals in various fields throughout Japan so that we can select best advisor for you in a timely manner.


in all areas of medicine

**Please be informed that you cannot consult with our coordinator regarding treatment or medication. Doctor will be the one who write feedback and consultation result back to you, however he/she will not communicate with you directly.

Although you may feel unease or troubled to take the first step for such service, please remember that

Early Detection
Saves Lives

Therefore, we have made our process EASIER, FASTER and CLOSER to remove such stressful journey


Consultation on SNS – WhatsApp, LINE or Viber. Get everything done online


24/7 support


By getting consultation on SNS , 24/7, you will feel us exactly right by your side 

*NOTE: You can consult with our professional coordinator anytime via SNS. However, we will be the one sending your prepared documents to a doctor. A doctor will not communicate with you directly.

3 main documents required upon a request

Please make sure to have the following materials available in ENGLISH when making a request.


Medical certificate,

 medical information sheet, referral letter, etc. from the local hospital that clearly states the diagnosis and treatment plan


Blood test results

 initial and latest are preferred


Imaging test data

 Xp, CT, MRI, PET, etc., preferably the first and latest ones

Based on the materials provided by you

1. One time feedback from a doctor

2. One question to a doctor based on feedback

We also accept requests from non-Japanese living in Japan.

Exclusion Criteria

We are not able to provide our service to:
1.Patients who seek for cosmetic treatments
2. Patients who are using medications that are not approved in Japan*

Simple and easy journey to get a second opinion

FINISH within 5 STEPS!

Once you are ready with the pre-requisite documents, contact us anytime and get a second opinion!

Prepare the prerequisite documents
Send us a request form
Our collaborated specialist’s group selects an appropriate doctor and hospital
‘Reply (Second Opinion)’ in Japanese properly cross-check by our collaborates specialist group.
Translate ‘reply’ into English and send back to you!

DONE! …more support? 

If you would like to receive a medical examination, treatment or operation in Japan, we will support you in providing end-to-end service including flight, accommodation, local transportation booking, translation and interpreter arrangements.

Pricing Table Supports Second Opinions Japan

Therefore, we have made our process EASIER, FASTER and CLOSER to remove such stressful journey

Special offer
  • Consultation on SNS 24/7 support
  • 7days to Reply
  • One time feedback from a doctor
  • One question to a doctor based on feedback

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