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Second Opinions Japan

exclusive medical treatment available only in Japan

exclusive Japanese medical service available at home” each country has different ways to approach certain diagnoses. we work with specialized doctors and hospitals. they may be able to offer you an exclusive opinion. 


We also support you if you want to visit Japan to meet the doctors after receiving a second opinion. Let’s us help you to prepare for your trip.

Second opinion can make a difference

It is understandable to feel overwhelmed, upset and confused after being diagnosed with difficult medical conditions. You may wonder if you have been given the right diagnosis and treatment options. You may find it assuring to know the second opinions. Having second opinions may help you feel better and more confident about making decisions about your healthcare.


Provide consultation

in all areas of medicine

Second Opinion Japan is the cornerstone of excellent service

Experience an exclusive medical treatment available only in Japan at home

One of the most important reasons to seek a medical second opinion is to defend yourself. The health care journal, BMJ Quality & Safety, published a study that showed the over 12 million adults are misdiagnosed every year in the U.S. Half of those diagnoses had the potential serious harm to the patients. Today, more people are seeking a second and third medical opinion. our service may be your solution to receive new perspective diagnosis and treatment.

Therefore, we have made our process EASIER, FASTER and CLOSER to remove such stressful journey


Discover the compassionate, exceptional, personalized care available 24/7 at your home


The borderless medical second opinion service will change the way you receive healthcare


Let our experienced doctors provide you with their medical expertise in order for you to make decision for your health


Feel re-assured and confident about your medical diagnosis and treatments

*NOTE: You can consult with our professional coordinator anytime via SNS. However, we will be the one sending your prepared documents to a doctor. A doctor will not communicate with you directly.

Please make sure to have the following materials available in ENGLISH when making a request.



Get a copy of medical documents, such as test results and doctor’s notes, relevant to your diagnosis and referral letter from your doctor. Then send us the documents online

*In case further documents or more specific medical conditions are required, we will assist you to prepare everything


Fill in the application form and sign the consent form before receiving our service


After receiving all required documents and applications, we will coordinate with hospitals and doctors to review your medical documents.


After completing the assessment of your medical documents and diagnosis, we will send you responses from doctors respectively.

As an option, you may want to visit Japan to meet the doctors after receiving the second opinion. Let’s us help you to prepare for your trip.

Note: Please be aware that we do not provide second opinion services for cosmetic plastic surgery related and medicines or treatments that are prohibited in Japan.

Based on the materials provided by you

1. One time feedback from a doctor

2. One question to a doctor based on feedback

We also accept requests from non-Japanese living in Japan.

Exclusion Criteria

We are not able to provide our service to:
1.Patients who seek for cosmetic treatments
2. Patients who are using medications that are not approved in Japan*

Simple and easy journey to get a second opinion

FINISH within 5 STEPS!

Once you are ready with the pre-requisite documents, contact us anytime and get a second opinion!

Prepare the prerequisite documents
Send us a request form
Our collaborated specialist’s group selects an appropriate doctor and hospital
‘Reply (Second Opinion)’ in Japanese properly cross-check by our collaborates specialist group.
Translate ‘reply’ into English and send back to you!

DONE! …more support? 

If you would like to receive a medical examination, treatment or operation in Japan, we will support you in providing end-to-end service including flight, accommodation, local transportation booking, translation and interpreter arrangements.

Pricing Table Supports Second Opinions Japan

Therefore, we have made our process EASIER, FASTER and CLOSER to remove such stressful journey

Special offer
  • Consultation on SNS 24/7 support
  • 7days to Reply
  • One time feedback from a doctor
  • One question to a doctor based on feedback

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